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I might've actually posted today, but I got sucked into nerding out regarding a recent meme on Facebook. "What would my class/archetype be if I was a D&D character?" just begged for me to answer in as detailed a manner as possible.

I did it for my friend James. Then, I did it for Cyn. I briefly answered it for Jenna. I did it for Chase, and finished by mentioning something for Craig. Yet, now it's 130am, and I have to go to bed.

Still, though I must head to dreamland now, at least I spent the evening typing out thoughts in my head. That's always a sign of a good day, even when it's gone bad.
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...I woke up. I decided to check Facebook on my phone, and Facebook acted like a POS (is that really a surprise?). So, I deleted it, and attempted to redownload and install it. The end result?

Still being up at 245, almost an hour after I'd rolled over, restoring my phone from a backup, because it got hung during the install process. I am not a happy camper right now, but I'd have been even less happy had I not gotten my phone working again.

Now, I think I'm going to go lay back down, and try to steal what sleep I can between now and when I must get up for work (three guesses on whether I get up when I'd planned, or if I sleep until the very last minute, and the first two don't count).
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Tonight, I was playing around on Facebook, wasting time until I could go to bed, and I was dumbstruck by a post. A friend posted a link to an amateur film of the Challenger explosion back in 1986. I remember that day, and I thought I remembered it well. Tonight, I was reminded how little I remembered. Rather, I was reminded of how little I *chose* to remember...

...My birthday had just passed, and I received a Space Camp jump suit (never got to go, sadly), a copy of Project: Space Station (simulator where you plan an execute a mission to build a space station, from budgeting up to EVA to put it together) for my Apple ][c, and got to see the movie, Space Camp. I was a huge space fan, in no small part thanks to Star Wars and other shows that increased my interest in space. It wasn't about the sci-fi in space, but space itself, that captivated me. It was magical and special, and felt like it belonged to me personally, somehow.

That day, 28 January 1986, was a teacher in-service day for my school. I remember this because I went outside after the explosion occurred, and it was around noon. I forget exactly what I was doing that morning, but I know I didn't get to watch it live. I remember my mother calling me inside to tell me that the Challenger exploded. For some reason, that hit me. I didn't cry, even then, but I was seriously quiet. I was bothered by it. Thinking back, I don't think it was because of the loss of human life. Instead, what bothered me was the fear that this would set us back on our journey to explore space.

In my LJ back in May 2003, I said:

All these dealings with space brought up something I had long forgotten: I absolutely adore space. It has intrigued me since I was too young to ride a bicycle. When I was 8-10, I had school classroom caliber models of the planets on my walls. (They were actually FROM a teacher supply store.) I got a ton of books about space. I read anything I could get my hands on. I even had a subscription to Odyssey magazine, a space magazine directed at children. That is part of the reason I loved Star Wars so much.

What happened to it? Where did it go? Why did I stop reading and learning all I could about space? As near as I can tell, it was because I discovered fantasy. Fantasy took me away from facts and figures, magnitude and orbital velocity, and transported me to where things could happen because you willed it. *shrug* That sounded too melodramatic, but I think I got my point across. I love fantasy, and will always. However, space was my first true love. Sitting here, right now, I'm feeling something I haven't felt in YEARS. I am feeling a sense of contentment that is leaving me about as relaxed as one can be without sleeping. I could almost cry with joy at this sensation.
But, I digress..

On that day in January 1986, I walked outside, feeling a bitter sting of loss over the dead astronauts and the uncertain future of the space program. I looked up at the sun, and with the mental pictures of those astronauts in my mind's eye, proclaimed to the sky, "I will become an astronaut. I swear it." My memory tells me that I may not have said "I swear it", but the rest is spot on, and here I am, a customer service manager at a grocery store. I can't even say that I tried. I coasted through the rest of 4th grade, on through 7th grade, making A's without trying, and not really applying myself to become more. What kind of person am I?

I even did it with writing. I keep promising to myself that I will start writing and keep at it, but I never really get started.

I guess I should be grateful that I'm at least sticking with my job at Kroger. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, this needed to be said, even if you disagree with it. I had completely forgotten that promise, and it upsets me quite a bit that I broke it.
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With the advent of Facebook, I've found fewer and fewer reasons to come back to LJ. It's not that I dislike LiveJournal, but a 500 character quickie update several times a day is easier to get done than a single post, which for me is usually long enough that folks skip past it anyway. That said, I love typing journal entries, so I have no real excuse for not updating at least a little more often. I have to make the time. (Side note: This is another chance for those on my friends list to add me to their Facebook, if they'd like: Anthony Adkins, in Memphis, TN.)

Sadly, the purpose of this post is not going to be very long, because it's a dream I had last night that is already fading. Even though I've not seen the movie, what I experienced in my dreams last night could best be described as "2012 comes to the World of Warcraft comes to real life". Basically, I was me and those I knew -- for the most part -- were those I knew. Oh, you had mages and a few things like that running around, and I seem to remember that even I could cast spells, but it was real life. I watched dozens and dozens of cars drive down an empty highway, all headed away from the city they'd been in. However, I saw wraith-like apparitions floating around a very Blood Elf-like collection of buildings.

I remember that the group (2.. 3 others?) I was with were looking for supplies. I think I wasn't level cap either, because I wanted to find the trainer's old books for the stuff I didn't know yet. I did sneak to the third floor of one of the blood elf buildings, looking for old quest rewards stockpiled in a small room. The quest rewards were... not quite food, but weren't weapons or armor either. I guess it was just Vital Stuff™. :) At one point, I almost got into a fight, because a monster's nameplate showed up in my field of view (for those WoW players reading, I tend to play with enemy nameplates enabled -- hit "V" on your keyboard by default. Yeah, that red bar with the name just above it when you're less than 30 or so yards away). I tried to fight it, but like in WoW, when the monster is behind a wall or such, you can't actually hit it.

Right before I woke up, I had snuck to a weapon shop to find something I could fight with, and I didn't like how their katanas, wakizashis, or tantos were made, and was learning about a musical instrument I'd picked up (which doesn't match a REAL musical instrument at all).

Anyway, it was a very surreal dream, because of exactly what it was, and I had to share a little bit that happened. What a way to start my week of vacation! :)
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