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It is effectively Monday now. I am basically 8 days away from leaving town for six days. It's finally starting to get real for me now. Despite the hour, I sent messages to all parties I anticipate seeing while I'm there, and began to plan what I want to do, and when. The list of things I want to accomplish includes the following:

  • Eat at the Pantheon restaurant, maintained by Rick's wife, Brandy.

  • Go to the comic/game store that Rick frequents.

  • Check out the Endicott grocery store, as well as hopefully find a Wegman's to visit. (Research for a possible move.)

  • Visit my cousin, Harriett, for at least a few hours, if not a couple of days.

  • Go see Niagara Falls.

  • Finally meet -- and have lunch with -- my friend Dan from Buffalo. (We've been LJ/FB friends for.. 15 years now? Dear gods!)

  • Introduce Rick's kids -- my "adopted" niece and nephew -- to Dungeons & Dragons.

  • Go see a movie in that awesome theater that Rick always bragged about.

  • Check out a local metaphysical shop

It's a full list, huh?

I know that some of the items seem positively pedestrian, considering I'll be visiting a state that I've never been in before, yet I figure that something as simple as having lunch at the Pantheon and seeing a movie, since it's in a small central New York town, will be unique enough to make it fun to try.

Now, I will also begin making out my list of things to pack. I've already kinda worked out most of what will be in my carry-on: iPhone (and ear buds & charging cable), Kindle (and charging cable), Nintendo Switch (and charging cable and games in hard-shell case), D&D 5e Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master's Guide, an adventure that I will run for the kids*, dice (mine; we will go get sets for them on Friday before we play), a pad of paper, and maybe a box of Magic: The Gathering decks.

Oh my! Look at the time! I better get some sleep!

* - My nephew is a big Star Wars buff, so his fighter will get a sword with a blade made of red light, which extinguishes when not being used, and my niece -- a Whovian through and through -- will receive a short scepter which makes a high-pitched whine while she's using a knowledge skill (Arcana, History, Nature, Religion), Perception, Investigation, or Medicine.
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