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First, I want to say that I have one dose of my antibiotic left, and I finally feel damned near back to normal. I might keep the sudafed going for a couple more days, just to be sure, but I've been coughing up some crap, where before nothing was coming up. Huzzah. :) Spring -- and it's associated pollen spikes -- can go fuck itself. Sorry, Nature. In this, we are foes. :)

I've been thinking about gaming lately. Namely, what type of D&D-style character would I play, assuming a standard fantasy setting? I find myself unable to easily answer this question. After all, I have played some archetypes that I will forever associate certain characters with. For example, if I think of archers, I'm going to think of Ashe Haydon. Paladins? Aric Seles. Larcenous, yet loyal, rogue with a bit of magic? Joren Brimstone. Repentant holy monk? Tedros Shuian. Gruff dwarf cleric? Brotto Ungart.

So, I'm left wondering what sort of character that I would choose to play, if I got the chance again. (Examples are all from Pathfinder, my personal choice for RPG.)

I thought about tying in some Norse elements into a character (wolf shaman -- Druid; Boreal bloodline -- Sorcerer). I thought about appealing to my love of space (Starsoul bloodline -- Sorcerer). I thought about attempting to be a sneaky character (Infiltrator -- Ranger; Scout -- Rogue). I considered picking a weapon and trying to be the best with it (Archer, Polearm Master, Two-handed Fighter, Two-Weapon Warrior, Weapon Master -- Fighter). I've even thought about a harrier-style character (Mobile Fighter -- Fighter; Skirmisher -- Ranger; Sniper -- Rogue). Finally, I figured I could always make a wizard (Fire element specialization).

Some of these appeal to me more than others. They are all interesting. I could theoretically make a multiclass character that utilizes one or more themes (Wolf Shaman/Skirmisher; Fire Wizard/Sniper; Cleric (Weather Domain)/Stormborn Bloodline Sorcerer).

Yet, at the end of the day, it's the personality I must fill the race/class with that matters.

Ashe was quiet and driven, and let his bow do his talking. Aric was diplomatic, but capable of letting his morality get him into trouble (and make him flap his gums when he shouldn't). Joren was a smartass, but a true friend. Brotto was fast friends with his adventuring group, even choosing to emulate the monk in the group. :)

The urge to redo Ashe is overwhelming. Indeed, with the Archer subtype for the Fighter class, coupled with a level of Ranger, Ashe would again be a force to be reckoned with, but with some nifty new tricks. I've always thought it would be fun to make a character whose signature weapon is some kind of polearm (or spear). I think the Skirmisher subtype for Ranger sounds neat, in that you give up spells for the ability to perform various nonmagical tricks.

I guess I have some more thought to put into this exercise, before I can say I know what I would do. I work in the morning, so I am going to call it a night and leave these notes around so that -- should the urge strike someone -- suggestions or brainstorms can be made.
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I was going to write another post about my day and things in my life, when I realized that I had not yet remade my bed. You see, despite my assurances on Twitter that I was going to relax, I had laundry to do, and that included changing my bedsheets.

After changing them and doing all the little things that go along with laundry (loading the washer, sorting things into piles, etc), I realized that I am tired, and so I am going to pass on doing the regular post tonight.

In unrelated news that not many of you knew, my fridge quit cooling on Friday. It was repaired yesterday. Though, at 45°F, neither [livejournal.com profile] marius_98 nor I were sure it was going to cool very well. So, I put it on "5" (out of 5). When I got home today, I threw the thermometer back into the fridge. Would you believe that it was below freezing in there?! Yep, my milk had frozen! :) So, it is working just fine now.

Now, if I can just kick this dang sinus infection, so that my life can approach normal again. I have the meds, so I'm optimistic, but this whole sick business is wearing me out.
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I would be really happy if my sickness would allow me to sleep throughout the night. Stupid nightmares.
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I know. I know. It looks like I really DID vanish when I got into the Wrath of the Lich King Beta. Unfortunately, such was not the case. The day I got the invitation, I was scheduled to work late (as in 6pm-3am), so I should have gotten back in bed. However, I wasn't sleepy (not just because of the beta -- I'm used to getting up early), so I sat up a while, hoping to get sleepy. I finally fell asleep, for about two hours. When I got up and got ready for work again, I felt kinda icky. My sinuses were beginning to feel that "not so good" feeling that usually signals the onset of a sinus infection.

When I got home, I would have felt better if I had gone to bed. Instead, though, I ignored the crappy feeling in my sinuses, and tooled around a bit on the beta. I didn't play long, since the server went down, but I was up long enough (it was my "day off" -- like being off from 3am one day till 10am the next really amounts to much) that I tried to minimize my sleep, for fear I wouldn't sleep well that night. I should have slept, since I got involved with something with the roommates, like usual, and went to bed around midnight (I figured midnight to 8am, with two hours to dress and get to work, should be good).

I felt worse when I got up, but I wasn't convinced until I was already dressed, so I went in anyway. Thankfully, my boss took pity on me, whether it was intentional or not, and kept me in Guest Care the whole day (someone else working all day had called in, so I kinda wonder if she wasn't just relieved I'd come in, despite being sick). I got to feeling better-ish on Sunday, but who was in town but my good buddy Rick.

Apparently, the house in Fayette County he was supposed to be getting fell through, and he moved back to New York. This time, though, the man did something smart, and took an hourly job working carpet for an apartment complex. Steady income, a discount on rent, and he's in a nice area? I'm THRILLED for him. :)

Even if he's far away again, and can't play D&D with us. :(
I left work early, and I hung out with him all day, though my mood started going south and I started feeling really bad. I wanted to try to do a spontaneous D&D game for Rick, since he never gets to play, and we ALWAYS do one when he's in town. I even got started, but I was so worn out and bad feeling (I literally was dozing off at the table, with everyone waiting on what I was to say next), that we scrapped it before we even got to a combat encounter.

The next day (Monday), I took him around to a couple of places -- to get pictures of family and his suitcase (he'd stayed with us that night) -- and when we came back, I laid down, feeling like I'd been hit with a truck. I almost backed out of giving him a ride to the airport, but [livejournal.com profile] strieson went with me. When I returned, I slept HARD, for about two hours. When I woke, I felt better, and, like an idiot, starting doing normal things again.

The rest of the week wasn't much better. I worked unusual shifts, and my sleep pattern wasn’t much of a pattern. As a result, I got a lot sicker, and I felt it completely. What was worst was that I actually thought about going to the doctor, but I couldn’t determine a good day to go, since I wasn’t off until Saturday. So, I took medicine, and tried to rest when I could. I barely touched WoW, and mainly watched Supernatural seasons 1 and 2 with my roommates. (Got ‘em hooked, hehehe..)

I have spent more time in bed since Saturday, and feel a lot better for it, though I know I’m not out of the woods yet. I am getting sleep, drinking plenty of juice and water, and taking it easy. I am trying to peek in on the beta a little, since they announced the release date today.

I like Death Knight, and will be rolling one when they go live. I also dislike the paladin changes, and will probably be retiring mine. I imagine that I will level my druid, my warrior, and a death knight.

For now, I gotta hit the hay. G’night, folks.
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