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I begin my vacation today. Oddly, my internal clock switched on to "day off" mode, so when I woke up at 345a, I didn't feel remotely like going back to bed. Instead, I took my shower, shaved, and got dressed for work. As a result, I have time to do this nifty post. :)

I heard back from a childhood friend, and traded phone numbers. Must find the time to hang out soon.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to hang out with Troy and Dana, though Troy has yet to get back with me to iron out the final details. I'll be mailing him my cell number soon. Later this week, I have tentative plans to hang out with Maria (& Co., if I know Maria at all :) ) for the midnight release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sometime this week, I hope to nail down a day to hang out with Stephen. Oh yeah, and I should get in touch with Biz about going bicycling!

Meanwhile, Alex is also on vacation, so I hope to rope him into playing some LotRO with me while he's off. If we can get to our 30s, then maybe we can get Scott to come back to the game (Scott's been taking an extended hiatus lately to play Left 4 Dead and Neverwinter Nights 2).

I got most of my payroll work done yesterday, so all I have to do is an hour of opening the safe and putting out tills, maybe one page of errors, and finalize the spreadsheet. In other words, I aim to be walking out of there by 9am. If things don't work out, then 10am will be okay. But the 11am time I'm "scheduled" till? Ain't happening. No reason for me to stay that long. I'm only there to do payroll. If I could avoid opening the safe, and get done by 8am or so, I *would*. :)

OH! And if you're local, and you want to do something, CALL ME! (Or leave a message, and I"ll send you my cell number.) I know I'll spend some time at home this week, but that's no excuse for spending MOST of it at home! :)
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(Crossposted to Facebook; find me there by searching for my name: Anthony Adkins)

This is day #2 of my days off this week. I have just two full days, and a day of doing payroll, between me and a week of vacation. I'm really looking forward to this. I know that, at some point next week, I'm going to meet up with Troy and Dana, two savvy froods I've not seen in years (and why not!? I have no excuse.). I'm also going to see about beginning to go biking with my buddy Bizz. (I might even swallow my pride, and take another look around my home neighborhood for a simple bike route I can do, even though I really don't like street riding.) Oh! And on the night of May 1 (or morning, whatever's appropriate), I've plans to see the midnight screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Maria and company.

My vacation is shaping up to be a rather social one, rather than my typical "vacation so I can play my current MMO nonstop". Let me tell you, that is NEVER satisfying. I am left wondering where my vacation went. That said, I do plan to play a little bit, since I want to get one character leveled up to run high level things with Jason, Heather, Jeremiah, Brandon, and Charles. (Scott and Alex have both put LotRO on hold while they gorge themselves on Left 4 Dead and (for Scott) Neverwinter Nights 2.

Finally, I suspect that next week, since my roommate Charles (no relation to the LotRO player) is quitting smoking, will be a prime opportunity for me to really push my plans to begin eating better, and fill the house with appropriate food (less carbs, more vegetables, less prepackaged stuff).

Well, we're due to get rain today, so I think I'm going to run outside now, and attempt to get the front yard done before it gets here (provided that the ground isn't too wet -- our front yard holds onto water like a sponge sitting in the sink). Take care, folks!
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A list, because that's what I feel like right now:
  • Got in late last night, because I worked till 2am.

  • Slept in, but was still up by 10am.

  • Took a nap around 11am.

  • Met Chuck from work and [livejournal.com profile] strieson for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Had a good time. Chuck just got into Memphis, so we're checking out the awesome things one can do. In the near future: Flying Saucer!

  • Picked up Hammerfall's newest CDs, "No Sacrifice, No Victory" and "Masterpieces"*. Learned on my way home from the record store that my CD player plays CDs louder than my ipod. Left those CDs in the car, AFTER ripping them to my ipod. :)

  • Tooled around a little on Lord of the Rings Online, but logged after maybe an hour.

  • Got home, and found that the dogs had been chewing the carpet near the front door. Punished all of 'em, and got [livejournal.com profile] strieson to agree we'd get an area rug to cover it until we can work out something more permanent ([livejournal.com profile] capedory1181 is out of town, so we also agreed not to bother him with this).

  • Went to Wal-mart, got the rug. I also snagged some house shoes and a new pair of shorts, since I'll soon be biking regularly with my old buddy Biz. (I ain't wearing spandex, but I should be comfortable. :) )

  • Stopped at Best Buy so [livejournal.com profile] strieson could get Left 4 Dead and Neverwinter Nights 2 on the PC, and I grabbed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall [Unrated]", because I wanted a funny movie to watch (and I love Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother; Mila Kunis is pure bonus).

  • Got Lenny's on the way home (Philly Cheesesteak, extra cheese)

  • Ate dinner while watching the movie. Romantic comedies. I'm a sucker for 'em.

  • Felt strangely cheerful and optimistic after finishing the movie.

  • Going to bed now. I have work in the morning. I hope my good mood hangs around. I could use some self-confidence.
Also, it's been one year since I had my hernia surgery. All's still good. :)

* - Masterpieces is a collection of covers they've done over their 10+ year career. Their cover of "Youth Gone Wild" rocks. A LOT.
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Work last night was not bad, though no count got done until the end of my shift. It seems the opener forgot to declare the office, and just ran the Sales & Cash reports. We did it when I got in, but things were boofed by then. The night went pretty smoothly, though, so my stress level was reasonably low.

I managed to get everything done by just before 2, though I stayed to cover the night checker's 30 minute break. When I got off, I picked up some produce, canned veggies, and tuna. I thought about trying to improve my eating habits last night, so I jumped on the idea while it was still fresh in my mind.

I came home, and took care of some bills, finally going to bed a little after 5am.

As long as today can go smoothly, I'll be delighted.

The more I think and talk about 4e, the more I find myself liking what I've seen. As a direct result of this, perhaps, I haven't really been logging into either of the MMOs I've been playing. I even officially let WoW lapse last night. I think that I want to pick up some of the new source material, especially the Player's Handbook 2. Swordmage from the Forgotten Realms setting sounds like a bucketful of awesome, too. Sure, it utilizes the "threat" mechanic that I was so disdainful of, but the class is a melee proficient caster, who protects his allies by forcing his enemies to avoid engaging him or take damage, yet when they run, he ports to them, and repeat the process. It's a unique concept, and one that seems to appropriately mesh melee combat with casting into a cohesive whole.

Anyway, I'm going to do some reading in the DMG. I have time to tweak my adventure some, so I think I will.
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I just never use my LJ anymore. I'm far more likely to update my Facebook profile for a quick bit of info. The sad thing is that I like updating my journal, at least theoretically. Going back and reading old entries provides a real snapshot into what my life has been like since I joined the LJ community back in 2002.

Still, I've not really been posting. Of course, aside from some minor gripes with work, playing WoW, and just living day-to-day, things aren't really changing for me. I told myself I needed to eat better and begin exercising, because I am not getting any younger. That fell flat. I start that up at least 1-2 times a week, and invariably fail on the days that I work late or (less often) when I'm off. It's a matter of convenience for me. Do I get the veggies out of the fridge, prep them and make something to eat, or do I grab the bread, the cheese, and the hot dogs to make something that will fill me quickly? I suppose before I try to seriously make this happen, I should plan out what I'm going to eat, and make a point to go shopping for what's on my menu. Then, as much as it pains me, I'll need to get up and walk away from my computer. I've noticed a correlation between sitting at my computer and snacking all day long.

In other news, I'm finally tiring of WoW. The guild that I was in was not even trying to progress in endgame content. While we're not a raiding guild, hearing the guild leader say, "it's in the works (or that effect)," and yet never really do anything really sucks. We couldn't even get folks to go read the strats for the two things we DID attempt (Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum). Couple this with a decided lack of faith by my guild's leader regarding a real life friend and, well, that's that. I rejoined my old guild, Relief Beef, but I can't say that I'm going to pay to renew my subscription on Friday when it lapses.

I got back into LotRO again. What I like about it is that it's like WoW, but isn't so addictive that you can't stop and walk away. I'm on Meneldor with a group of people that the leader knows in real life. Unfortunately, I had lost the account info I used last April when I played, so I got to start all over. :-p I'm having fun with my Rune-Keeper, though.

Finally, I did my first 4e game in nearly 9 months last night. I *do* enjoy that system, for all that it's "not as good" as 3e or 2e. The guys I was playing with asked if we could continue the game on a semi-regular basis, for which I'm interested as well. The only catch? This time, we're gonna rotate the DM activities with the same group of characters, and I, at least, am going to do no overarching plot. Let's just get together, socialize, and kill stuff. :)

Anyway, I work late tonight and tomorrow night, but I'm off on Saturday. Short off day, true, but it's Saturday, and the roommates should be around, so hopefully we can get some stuff done around the homestead. (Though I gotta get a mask before I work outside again.. either the pollen count is worse this year, or my allergies are getting worse as I age.. Last weekend, I couldn't breathe at all.)

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