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It has been nearly 10 months since I last used my LJ for anything other than seeing the daily LOLcats (and that's because a lot of you don't post on here anymore, either!). I've migrated pretty fully to Facebook and Twitter. Twitter's more fun, perhaps because I have to figure out what I want to say in 140 characters or less. At this point, Facebook just copies what I tweet.

At any rate, I found a link on Facebook to LJ, and wound up browsing through various user info pages, adding folks. If I just added you, then you should at least be familiar with me. The new default user pic -- which I use on Facebook, Twitter, and the Summerland Grove site -- is recent enough that you should be able to match it to me. I know a lot of you from SG anyway.

The past almost-10 months have been.. different. I courted Christianity again, dated a devout Christian (the former admittedly DID halfway occur due to the latter), wound up giving up my D&D game on Sundays forever (I never have Sunday afternoons off anymore), met a great group of people in what I am apt to call the core membership of Summerland Grove, began smoking pipes for fun, became a pagan in name (I suspect I've always been one in spirit, whether I knew it or not), decided on a spiritual path (Asatru), began dating a wonderful woman, and have grown to despise my job at Kroger so much that I almost went to a job fair (my resume was... well, completely unmade and not gonna be ready in time, plus I got called on to help my girlfriend, which I had no hesitation doing).

Of course, outing myself on my LJ as a pagan could be considered... unwise? foolhardy? I dunno. Anyone with half a brain who has watched my Twitter feed/Facebook posts will have picked up on it long ago, though I deliberately don't come right out and say it, because I live in Memphis, TN, where you're accepted for who you are...

...that is, if you're a monogamous heterosexual Conservative Christian who is intolerant of others' lifestyles and points of view. (I still classify as heterosexual, though that's the only part of that statement that still applies to me.) I have far too many Christian friends on Facebook who I suspect will try to help me "see the error of my ways", so I am mum on the subject there, but I realize I don't give a flying fuck outside of being harassed about it on Facebook. I keep quiet at work as well, just because things already are a cluster fuck there, without adding "OMG IT'S A PAGAN!!!11" to the list. I've not dedicated to a specific god, which admittedly bothers me quite a bit (to the point that I can get downright moody/depressed about it), but I'm reading everything I can get my hands on that I think will help me understand my choice of path more clearly. (I'm currently reading "Our Troth, Vol. 1", and Tyr *STILL* looks like a reasonable choice, though he no longer feels like a perfect fit.)

About two weeks ago, I went to Festival of Souls. I'd never been, and even though I had to work two days and missed the workshops, I had a lot of fun. I made a point to attend the rituals, and was.. well, "blown away" is appropriate, if a little cliched. My brother, Ricky ([livejournal.com profile] titus_the_mage, though he's never used it), went as well, and surprised me. He'd always referred to himself as an agnostic, or as he put it, a "chicken shit atheist", but apparently *REALLY* took to the pagan point of view. I'm still processing that he has come to that realization, though I'm glad to have a longtime close personal friend with me in this new life.

While I enjoyed every ritual, I was absolutely thunderstruck by the candlelight labyrinth held after the ancestor ritual on Friday night. The solemnity covering the field, where the candles were laid out in concentric circles that slowly led to the center, was absolute. I didn't hear any voices (consciously), nor did I have any brilliant immediately-life-changing flashes of inspiration (again, consciously), but when I had gotten out of it, I felt different. Two weeks later, I wish I had the labyrinth still up to walk again, like I have a new appreciation for it, and if I could just walk it again, even more would become clear to me.

On the D&D/RPG front, I eventually had to drop [livejournal.com profile] lordreaibn's 4e D&D game, because work began jumping around on Sundays for me (I don't get to do payroll like I used to, though no hard feelings for the new clerk). I briefly attempted to get a game going involving [livejournal.com profile] nyminal, [livejournal.com profile] strieson, [livejournal.com profile] mfsfreak, and [livejournal.com profile] disker and his wife, but that fell through due to lack of motivation on my part. I just no longer "feel it" where D&D is concerned. I am far more likely to wax nostalgic over my old 2e games, and how engrossing they were back then. Perhaps, when my schedule settles down some, or I change jobs, I can start a game again with some folks, perhaps even including [livejournal.com profile] lordreaibn, [livejournal.com profile] tannenwynn, [livejournal.com profile] marius_98, or [livejournal.com profile] lostgamers. I have access to a larger pool of folks, and if I mix and match 'em a bit so I'm not stuck with the same collection of people I have played with for the last ten years, things might get interesting. (I have *NO* problem with my old D&D group, but the reality is that lack of fresh blood caused things to get stale, and we all know it.)

Well, that's my life this year so far. It's an oversimplification, and you'll notice I didn't post about work. I'm on vacation for at least two more days, so I refuse to acknowledge it until then. :) Welcome to all the new people. I hope that you add me back. I want to get to know each of you better than I have so far.

Oh yeah, I also, at the urging of my girlfriend, am going to begin writing again daily, even if it's just in here. I am one of the worst procrastinators you'll ever meet, but I want this. I miss writing something down, reading it, and going "holy crap, this is GOOD."

P.S. Holy crap. I've had this account for over 8 years now. I feel damned old suddenly. :)
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As I sit here, thinking about how horrible my thoughts got last night (up to and including, "not even remotely good enough"), I realize that I'm seriously over analyzing the whole situation. I have trouble NOT dwelling on relationships and where they may head, but I'm doing myself no good whatsoever. What exactly is the point of running through the what ifs, if I don't even bother with it? To prevent myself from making a fool of myself? What fool? People ask other folks out all the time, and are rejected all the time, and it doesn't bother them enough to whine and cry about it. They shrug, pick up and move on.

I suppose a little mental role-play on how it could go can help you plan what you'd like to say, and what to expect, but to call it off before you've begun, because your mental exercises shot you down? That's like saying "I'd like to go to the store and get groceries, but I might get into a collision on the way, so it's better to stay home and go hungry. At least then I won't have an accident."

It would also help if I kicked myself in the ass and reminded myself that NO ONE is perfect. I'm not. She's not. No one is. That's actually kind of a given. I've even seen in-your-face proof that just because I like a woman is no guarantee that she's perfect (see my entries from January 2005 regarding "M"). She may be pretty and seem smart and kind, and there's no telling how we'd get along, BUT THAT'S NO REASON TO GIVE UP BEFORE EVEN TRYING.

Sheesh, why can't I have this kind of confidence when I'm working, and she's there?

This does lead me to a real decision. One that I genuinely want to follow through with: 2010 New Year's Resolutions. Everyone does it, no one sticks, and blah blah blah. All I know is that I prefer for things to begin cleanly, at the proper start of things or similar. January 1 is about as "at the beginning" as I can manage. I'm keeping them simple and broad, because otherwise I'll fail horribly, and become disheartened.

1. Ride my bicycle on a regular basis, preferably at least 2x a week, if not 3-4x.
2. Go to bed, and get up, at a regular time, even when I'm off, to ensure I get enough sleep.
3. Ignore Charles' food intake, and focus on mine. Adjust it to be healthier, and pass on Charles' dinner plans if they're not in line with my healthier food choices.
3a. Allow myself one night a week to just enjoy what-the-hell-ever I want, allowing for reasonable portions regardless.
3b. Invite Charles and Alicia to dinner if I've made enough, because I rarely follow through with my leftovers.
4. Get my financial situation corrected, and begin making plans on moving out in the next year or two.
5. Get my car in working order, starting with my freakin' driver's side door handle.
6. Quit worrying over what ifs, and just start asking folks. I'll never meet my soulmate if I never look.

That seems like a good place to start, especially since I was originally just going to post about the mystery lady. :)
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(Crossposted to Facebook; find me there by searching for my name: Anthony Adkins)

This is day #2 of my days off this week. I have just two full days, and a day of doing payroll, between me and a week of vacation. I'm really looking forward to this. I know that, at some point next week, I'm going to meet up with Troy and Dana, two savvy froods I've not seen in years (and why not!? I have no excuse.). I'm also going to see about beginning to go biking with my buddy Bizz. (I might even swallow my pride, and take another look around my home neighborhood for a simple bike route I can do, even though I really don't like street riding.) Oh! And on the night of May 1 (or morning, whatever's appropriate), I've plans to see the midnight screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Maria and company.

My vacation is shaping up to be a rather social one, rather than my typical "vacation so I can play my current MMO nonstop". Let me tell you, that is NEVER satisfying. I am left wondering where my vacation went. That said, I do plan to play a little bit, since I want to get one character leveled up to run high level things with Jason, Heather, Jeremiah, Brandon, and Charles. (Scott and Alex have both put LotRO on hold while they gorge themselves on Left 4 Dead and (for Scott) Neverwinter Nights 2.

Finally, I suspect that next week, since my roommate Charles (no relation to the LotRO player) is quitting smoking, will be a prime opportunity for me to really push my plans to begin eating better, and fill the house with appropriate food (less carbs, more vegetables, less prepackaged stuff).

Well, we're due to get rain today, so I think I'm going to run outside now, and attempt to get the front yard done before it gets here (provided that the ground isn't too wet -- our front yard holds onto water like a sponge sitting in the sink). Take care, folks!
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A list, because that's what I feel like right now:
  • Got in late last night, because I worked till 2am.

  • Slept in, but was still up by 10am.

  • Took a nap around 11am.

  • Met Chuck from work and [livejournal.com profile] strieson for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Had a good time. Chuck just got into Memphis, so we're checking out the awesome things one can do. In the near future: Flying Saucer!

  • Picked up Hammerfall's newest CDs, "No Sacrifice, No Victory" and "Masterpieces"*. Learned on my way home from the record store that my CD player plays CDs louder than my ipod. Left those CDs in the car, AFTER ripping them to my ipod. :)

  • Tooled around a little on Lord of the Rings Online, but logged after maybe an hour.

  • Got home, and found that the dogs had been chewing the carpet near the front door. Punished all of 'em, and got [livejournal.com profile] strieson to agree we'd get an area rug to cover it until we can work out something more permanent ([livejournal.com profile] capedory1181 is out of town, so we also agreed not to bother him with this).

  • Went to Wal-mart, got the rug. I also snagged some house shoes and a new pair of shorts, since I'll soon be biking regularly with my old buddy Biz. (I ain't wearing spandex, but I should be comfortable. :) )

  • Stopped at Best Buy so [livejournal.com profile] strieson could get Left 4 Dead and Neverwinter Nights 2 on the PC, and I grabbed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall [Unrated]", because I wanted a funny movie to watch (and I love Jason Segel on How I Met Your Mother; Mila Kunis is pure bonus).

  • Got Lenny's on the way home (Philly Cheesesteak, extra cheese)

  • Ate dinner while watching the movie. Romantic comedies. I'm a sucker for 'em.

  • Felt strangely cheerful and optimistic after finishing the movie.

  • Going to bed now. I have work in the morning. I hope my good mood hangs around. I could use some self-confidence.
Also, it's been one year since I had my hernia surgery. All's still good. :)

* - Masterpieces is a collection of covers they've done over their 10+ year career. Their cover of "Youth Gone Wild" rocks. A LOT.
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Work last night was not bad, though no count got done until the end of my shift. It seems the opener forgot to declare the office, and just ran the Sales & Cash reports. We did it when I got in, but things were boofed by then. The night went pretty smoothly, though, so my stress level was reasonably low.

I managed to get everything done by just before 2, though I stayed to cover the night checker's 30 minute break. When I got off, I picked up some produce, canned veggies, and tuna. I thought about trying to improve my eating habits last night, so I jumped on the idea while it was still fresh in my mind.

I came home, and took care of some bills, finally going to bed a little after 5am.

As long as today can go smoothly, I'll be delighted.

The more I think and talk about 4e, the more I find myself liking what I've seen. As a direct result of this, perhaps, I haven't really been logging into either of the MMOs I've been playing. I even officially let WoW lapse last night. I think that I want to pick up some of the new source material, especially the Player's Handbook 2. Swordmage from the Forgotten Realms setting sounds like a bucketful of awesome, too. Sure, it utilizes the "threat" mechanic that I was so disdainful of, but the class is a melee proficient caster, who protects his allies by forcing his enemies to avoid engaging him or take damage, yet when they run, he ports to them, and repeat the process. It's a unique concept, and one that seems to appropriately mesh melee combat with casting into a cohesive whole.

Anyway, I'm going to do some reading in the DMG. I have time to tweak my adventure some, so I think I will.
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I just never use my LJ anymore. I'm far more likely to update my Facebook profile for a quick bit of info. The sad thing is that I like updating my journal, at least theoretically. Going back and reading old entries provides a real snapshot into what my life has been like since I joined the LJ community back in 2002.

Still, I've not really been posting. Of course, aside from some minor gripes with work, playing WoW, and just living day-to-day, things aren't really changing for me. I told myself I needed to eat better and begin exercising, because I am not getting any younger. That fell flat. I start that up at least 1-2 times a week, and invariably fail on the days that I work late or (less often) when I'm off. It's a matter of convenience for me. Do I get the veggies out of the fridge, prep them and make something to eat, or do I grab the bread, the cheese, and the hot dogs to make something that will fill me quickly? I suppose before I try to seriously make this happen, I should plan out what I'm going to eat, and make a point to go shopping for what's on my menu. Then, as much as it pains me, I'll need to get up and walk away from my computer. I've noticed a correlation between sitting at my computer and snacking all day long.

In other news, I'm finally tiring of WoW. The guild that I was in was not even trying to progress in endgame content. While we're not a raiding guild, hearing the guild leader say, "it's in the works (or that effect)," and yet never really do anything really sucks. We couldn't even get folks to go read the strats for the two things we DID attempt (Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum). Couple this with a decided lack of faith by my guild's leader regarding a real life friend and, well, that's that. I rejoined my old guild, Relief Beef, but I can't say that I'm going to pay to renew my subscription on Friday when it lapses.

I got back into LotRO again. What I like about it is that it's like WoW, but isn't so addictive that you can't stop and walk away. I'm on Meneldor with a group of people that the leader knows in real life. Unfortunately, I had lost the account info I used last April when I played, so I got to start all over. :-p I'm having fun with my Rune-Keeper, though.

Finally, I did my first 4e game in nearly 9 months last night. I *do* enjoy that system, for all that it's "not as good" as 3e or 2e. The guys I was playing with asked if we could continue the game on a semi-regular basis, for which I'm interested as well. The only catch? This time, we're gonna rotate the DM activities with the same group of characters, and I, at least, am going to do no overarching plot. Let's just get together, socialize, and kill stuff. :)

Anyway, I work late tonight and tomorrow night, but I'm off on Saturday. Short off day, true, but it's Saturday, and the roommates should be around, so hopefully we can get some stuff done around the homestead. (Though I gotta get a mask before I work outside again.. either the pollen count is worse this year, or my allergies are getting worse as I age.. Last weekend, I couldn't breathe at all.)

Follow me on Facebook, btw. Find my real name, and tell me who you are when you add me.

I know [livejournal.com profile] dragonpurr uses Twitter. Anyone else?
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... but in an attempt to break my rut, I'm doing a little bit of rearranging in my room today. With a queen-sized bed, there's only so much I can do, but hey, I feel like I have to try.
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I'm off today, and here I am, awake at 430am, like a normal work day. I suspect that it's because I made a point to go to bed normally last night (though I think I was a LITTLE behind). I got to bed between 11 and 1130, but because I slept nearly 8 hours night before last, I feel great right now, and rested. Nifty.

I remember dreaming last night, but I cannot remember what it was now. I vaguely remember my dream girl, but that could just be my mind, since she was definitely in my dreams on Saturday night. (I just remember that she was sitting in my lap, kissing me briefly on the lips, saying why we should be an item between kisses...and then my alarm went off.) Oh well, last night can't be terribly important, dream-wise, if I can't remember it. At least, that's what I'm going to tell myself, because thinking that my dream girl was around again does nothing but depress me.

(For those who don't know, my dream girl doesn't look specifically like anyone. Instead, what I notice is the way she makes me feel when she's around. She's been blonde and a raven-haired brunette, and perhaps even a redhead. Yet, I could never completely describe her face once I wake up. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I ever found her in real life. Oh yeah, I do. I'd marry the woman, or die trying.)

So, as I said at the top of the post, I'm off today. I'm SOMEWHAT unsure what I am going to do today, though I know I need to do laundry. I've given some thought to playing some WoW while it's still early, and then hitting some of my chores today. At some point, though, I'm gonna sit down and work more on my unofficial (as in I didn't sign up) NaNoWriMo dealie. I worked on the prologue yesterday after remembering it was November, and have 582 words now. Not a lot, but if I can maintain something close to that pace, it'll be more than 16000 words by month's end. I've just got to remember that it's less about editing what I've done, than just raw output. I can edit later. :)

Well, I might as well get some WoW in while the kids (around the world, that play) are asleep or getting ready to go to school. Have a good day, folks! :)
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As I mentioned the other day, today marks the beginning of my "new leaf".

Wish me luck!
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Over the weekend, my computer died. It seems that what most likely happened is that the CPU heat sink got too much dirt caught up in it. I wasn't checking up on it like I should have been, so it caused the CPU fan to overheat and die. Then, without the fan to cool it somewhat, the dirt in the heatsink acted to finish off my CPU. Thankfully, though, Charles had been stashing "trash" around his workplace for while. I got upgraded to an AMD Athlon 64-bit dual core CPU, on a motherboard running PCI Express for video, and the ability to use all my old memory plus the 1GB stick that was already in there (for 2.5GBs of RAM). I also got a pair of hard drives striped together to make a 75GB 10k boot partition. The only downside was that my beautiful ATI Radeon X850 video card wouldn't work in it, because it is an AGP card. I'm using a 128MB card now, but WoW is definitely suffering for it.

As a result, I spent the greater part of the day since maintenance ended at 1pm watching TiVo'd shows. Two episodes of Fringe, two of Supernatural, two of That 70's Show (first season airing on FX now!), and the latest Chuck and How I Met Your Mother made for a full day of nothing. I enjoyed catching up on some shows, since I really like the way Fringe is playing out (Olivia is awesome, though I think John Noble's brilliant mad scientist steals the show). The only thing that I'm not happy about is that I was watching television only because I can't enjoy WoW right now, since the video card really drags it down, despite the computer getting upgraded (significantly) in every other way.

I was watching Chuck most recently, though, and Chuck's sister's concern about the direction Chuck seemed to be going resonated in me. Then, the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski's (Sarah Walker, CIA agent) on-screen romance with a computer nerd (Chuck) got my mind moving again. See, I want her. Well, not her specifically (though I wouldn't say no!). As I've been saying repeatedly of late, I want to move forward with my life, and get things back on track (where they seeminly haven't been for at least ten years, I'd say).

Recently, I said that November first was my target date for turning over my new leaf. Tonight reminded me of that, and helped reaffirm my resolve to see that goal through. As I mentioned last time, I want to start slow, so I don't overdo it and burn out too quickly. Changing habits isn't easy, and trying to change too much at once can really backfire. I am going to start with one goal, and add on to it once a week until I have five goals I'm aiming for (on 11/29). I'll keep at those until New Year, when I'll evaluate how I've done so far, and plan what's to come.

First things first. Beginning this weekend, I am going to dedicate myself to one of my goals for November. (Not counting NaNoWriMo, which I believe I'm going to silently participate in. I've always wanted to do something with the D&D campaign I did a few years back that I felt was particularly successful. Tweak some of the odder bits, clean up the storyline, and see where it leads. Obviously, it's based in the Forgotten Realms, so it'll never be published, but hey, I gotta try, right? Besides, I want to reaffirm to myself that I haven't lost my imagination, and that I just need to exercise it again.)

  • To begin, I'm going to make it a point to get at least seven hours of sleep a night. Fudging twice a week is allowed, as long as no more than one of those days leads into an off day (that is, I am not skipping out on sleep when I need it... before work).

  • On 11/8, I will begin taking my lunch to work (brown bagging a sandwich, fruit, and some vegetable I can eat raw). Once a week, I will eat something "out", either from my deli's steam table or McAllister's.

  • On 11/15, I will begin exercising (riding my bike on days that it's light out and not too cold, or jogging around the common area a couple of times, coupled in both cases with some stretches, jumping jacks, situps, and push ups). I will do it five days a week (once on a day off, other times it'll be before work, or before bed).

  • On 11/22, I will do my chores in a timely manner, doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done instead of skipping it. Again, I will allow myself, at least initially, two instances of "I'll do it later" per week. Sometimes, you really don't feel like it.

  • Finally, on 11/28, I will start eating right in general (already technically begun with lunch, but this is when I'm going to reinforce it with better eating habits at home too). Notice, of course, that it's also AFTER Thanksgiving. :)

They feel like small things now that they're on paper, but I hope that they will add up to catalyze my mindset to strive to be better. After that, I can work on specifics, but that's next year.

Wish me luck, eh?

My long term goals seem rather ambitious to me, but that's from my POV of sitting on my duff, not having even started this beyond my mental desire to improve.

In five years, I want:

...to be renting/buying my own house.
...to be working in a job I enjoy and can take pride in.
...to have gone back to school, and gotten an Associate's degree in a field I want to have a career in.
...to be more fit, physcially, mentally, and emotionally.
...to be dating someone seriously.
Let's see how it goes, shall we?
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I've been off for the last two days, and boy howdy, has it been pretty good.

You all know how my Sunday after work went, and I still am happy I did that. No regrets at all. :)

I woke up Monday morning, feeling pretty good, just a little achy, and that was gone before long. I cleaned up a little, but it was mainly picking up my room, though. I worked on my Warlock's Inscription, and farmed herbs for it with my Druid. During the day, Charles (and his girl) invited me to hang out with them at her place last night. So I hit 225 inscription (max level right now since she is 33), and left to go hang out.

Mapquest's directions kinda sucked, in that distances and directions were questionable (i.e., WRONG). Still, I found her place, which means that I'll never forget as long as I need to remember it. We went out for dinner, and since I really tied one on at the Flying Saucer on Sunday, I was chauffeur for Charles Monday. We went to Sekisui on Belvedere, and I suffered valiantly. (Honestly, I really am not a fan of seafood, ESPECIALLY when I'm hungry enough that my criteria for dinner was "cheap and lots of it".) I had the chicken teriyaki, and it wasn't bad. I got to show off my mad anime-inspired chopstick skills to eat rice! /flex

Afterward, we went back to her place, and hung out in the living room, listening to bellydancing music set to a techno beat while they smoked and drank wine, and I sipped a glass of wine. It was a white wine, with a nice aroma (is that what they call the "bouquet" ?), and a pleasant flavor, reminiscent of fruit like peaches, but it had a dry aftertaste, which wasn't altogether unpleasant. Finally, Charles went to bed, and we (his gf, her roommate, and a friend of hers that had stopped by) watched part of a comedy routine involving a Latin American who married some "hillbilly" from Kentucky. He was hilarious, though it was past 11pm when I left.

On the way home, I gave in to my hunger, and stopped by Kroger around the corner from my house to get some food. I picked up a box of some mini-tacos, sour cream, and shredded cheese. YUM! They hit the spot once I drizzled some Taco Bell sauce on 'em. (C'mon, you know you have a bunch of the packets stored in some random drawer in your kitchen....at least if you like Taco Bell, anyway. :) )

I crashed at 1am, feeling somewhat uneasy around my place for some reason. I figure it was in my head, but I did hear one cat meow and arch her back when she never meows, and that "damaged my calm", so that could have been responsible for the creepy sensation I had when I got into bed (I had to enact my "defensive barrier" -- i.e., my blanket over my head!). I fell asleep, and woke up around 7am, so I called Charles to make sure he got up for work, and then I settled into checking web sites and such, since Tuesday is WoW maintenance day.

I saw C briefly, but it was long enough to express my disappointment in something he did. Around 1030am, I left to head to the Dexter Kroger, because that was where I met my old friend Dee Dee for lunch. How old? Well, she's only a little older than I am, but we've known each other since the second grade. I played the priest at her wedding (they'd been to a justice of the peace.. I was just a stand in for the ceremony they did for the family later). We ran around with nearly 10 other people back in 1991-1992. It was great catching up with her, though now I like the idea of a reunion for as many of that group as we can safely manage. We were all great friends. My house was effectively the clubhouse, and they all called my dad "Mr. A."

I was struck by how grown up she seemed. I even commented on it to her, to which she replied, "I don't feel like a grown up yet." Haha.. I guess it sneaks up on us all.

It got me to thinking, and not in a self-destructive, negative way. First was the post I made several days ago where I said what I thought of myself. Now, I see that I have to change. Not for anyone but me, though. I don't quite know how to begin, but I could almost see a plan (5 year?) forming in front of me. What I wouldn't give for another moment of clarity like that. I *will* discover what it was. Something's nudging me that first, I gotta get to biking on a regular basis. So that'll be my first step. Next, I must establish a start date. Perhaps November 1? That's a Saturday, but it's a good clear starting point. (Should I actually grab my notes about the story I once wanted to write, and participate in NaNoWriMo? Even if it's just for me?

Anyway, after lunch, I came back and just wasted a couple of hours playing WoW. I got sleepier and sleepier, until I dozed off around 430pm, and slept in my chair until a little after 5pm. At that point, I decided that I was done with WoW for the night, made dinner, and fired up the last two weeks of "Chuck" and yesterday's "Heroes". I cannot get enough of those two shows (I missed "How I Met Your Mother", because my TiVo failed to record it for some reason. :( ).

Tomorrow, after work, I think I'm going to catch up on Supernatural (two episodes behind already, and Thursday will make three). Then, Charles has promised he's going to spend the evening in his own home, without his girlfriend around, so I suggested we play a board game or something instead of watching TV. Don't get me wrong. His girlfriend is pretty dang cool. She has printings of the Lord of the Rings from the early 70s (I should get a pic), and her personality puts you at ease. The two of them really get on well, and I'm happy to see that.

I don't know why, either, but lately I've been feeling more "big brotherly" towards Charles than in times past. Before, he'd listen to me, and give advice, and he was clearly the alpha. Now, though, I feel this shift in roles almost. Of course, I'm insane, so it's probably all in my head. :)

Now, to settle in for the night, and get more than six hours of sleep. Huzzah!
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So, today was "work in the yard" day. I got the front yard mowed, and cleaned out the (empty) flowerbeds. I saw a black widow in one of them, and got the bug spray to kill it. (It was really neat, since I've never seen a black widow in real life before, though that doesn't mean that I wanted to get up close and personal.) I found a few ant colonies, and had to spray those, too.

I finished up by using the blower to clean the driveway off, taking special care to keep from blowing grass clippings onto our neighbor's yard. I was rolling up the extension cord, though, and he starts mowing. What'd he do? Cut straight across his yard, and mowed along the edge, blowing grass on my just-cleaned driveway. He never cleaned it off either. See if I take care to respect his yard again. >.<;;

I had lunch, took a nap, and woke to find that Charles had gone to dinner already. It kinda upset me, since I'd gotten us breakfast and lunch. I thought we'd get dinner too. He brought back a steak (small one.. not familiar with the cut), so I got something to eat, which improved my mood. Then, Charles, April, and I went to see Mummy 3. I liked it a lot, but I tend to suspend my disbelief when I watch movies like that. I just wish they'd had something at the end.

On our way home, we got stopped in traffic, because someone was pushing their truck. Folks were pulling around him, but Charles and I stopped and got out to help him. It turns out he ran out of gas, so we pushed him to the nearest gas station. Charles felt he should have bought a gas can from the AutoZone that was closer, but the guy could only afford $5 to put in his truck once he got there, so I suspect that he wasn't in a position to spend money on one. My only problem with helping him was that we started jogging to push the truck. *I* couldn't keep up that pace. I may have toned legs from all the walking I do at work, but that pushed my limits beyond what I can normally do. 2/3 of the way to the Schnuck's gas station, I had to drop off.

At that point, though, they started walking it, so I got back behind and continued to push. By the time we reached the station, I was gulping air as fast as I could get it, and still felt my vision starting to blur. I really need to get in shape (duh), because that actually scared me a bit.

Now, I've taken some Advil (for the running that I know will hurt, and the pain in my hands from using the weed eater today... using it for a couple of hours straight to edge one's property will cause one's hands to begin hurting, if one isn't used to that kind of physical labor), and I'm going to bed, because I have work in the morning, like I do every Sunday. Ironically, I'm off on Monday. Odd, huh?

G'night, all.
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Nothing major to talk about. I just finally got back on Moonrunner and, more specifically, on my level 70s. The Relief Beef (my guild) has gone through a few changes, and are now attempting 25 man content. They have forums and are using Ventrilo instead of TeamSpeak (yay!).

I got to test my paladin's healing ability tonight in Heroic Auchenai Crypts. Dang, it was tough, but with the shaman's Wrath of Air totem, I broke 2k bonus healing, and we managed just fine.

Now, I'm going to go to sleep and, hopefully, I will be able to mow the front yard tomorrow, though I'm not going to hold my breath. (It's supposed to rain most of the day.)

Oh! Before I forget! I broke down today, and had Charles use his clippers (with the 1" attachment) to cut my hair. It's short now, but not crew cut short. It's short enough now, I'd say, that if I'm easy on the hair products, I can sleep on it, and style it when I wake up (not usually possible).

Well, that's about it for me for tonight. Can't really think of more.
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If you're currently living in blissful ignorance of what you really owe, do not add up the totals. Or do math involving minimum payments vs. your pay. The results might be scarier than you're prepared to handle.

Let's just say that I'm officially asking Charles for budgeting help now. I had no idea I was that out of hand. :( Time to tighten up, and do right.


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