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Saturday went pretty well, over all. I went and saw The Avengers with Scott, Jon, and Rick. (OH MY GOODNESS!! That movie was AMAZING!!!) Afterward, I completed the paperwork so that Rick was registered for May Day. Later that night, Cynthia came by, and kept me company as I cleaned the crap out of my place.

Today, I woke up feeling FANTASTIC. I mean, I was in a great mood, felt good, and was happy to be alive. It didn't really go anywhere, though I realize now that I have to be careful. I had a smoothie for breakfast, and had some coffee later. However, I had no solid food until feast at SG's May Day. I wouldn't say it tanked my mood, but I definitely had a few moments where I was rather tired. From now on, I will have SOMETHING solid, even if it is "just bacon". (I'd almost made 3-4 pieces of bacon this morning, but scrapped the idea when I realized that I might get more sleep before getting up for SG's May Day.)

I'm going to bed now. I am planning on getting up early tomorrow and going walking at Shelby Farms, though I was just reminded that I am picking up Scott to take him to the doctor tomorrow at 930, so the walking may have to wait.

Regardless, I am going to bed now, and planning on reading a little bit before sleep claims me. We will see how I feel in the morning. Walking in Shelby Farms from 615-715 sounds doable, when it'll only take me 30 minutes to shower/dress and 30 minutes to drive to Scott's. By my estimation, that will put me 1 hour ahead of where I need to be.

Wish me luck, and good night, everyone!
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As I sit here, thinking about how horrible my thoughts got last night (up to and including, "not even remotely good enough"), I realize that I'm seriously over analyzing the whole situation. I have trouble NOT dwelling on relationships and where they may head, but I'm doing myself no good whatsoever. What exactly is the point of running through the what ifs, if I don't even bother with it? To prevent myself from making a fool of myself? What fool? People ask other folks out all the time, and are rejected all the time, and it doesn't bother them enough to whine and cry about it. They shrug, pick up and move on.

I suppose a little mental role-play on how it could go can help you plan what you'd like to say, and what to expect, but to call it off before you've begun, because your mental exercises shot you down? That's like saying "I'd like to go to the store and get groceries, but I might get into a collision on the way, so it's better to stay home and go hungry. At least then I won't have an accident."

It would also help if I kicked myself in the ass and reminded myself that NO ONE is perfect. I'm not. She's not. No one is. That's actually kind of a given. I've even seen in-your-face proof that just because I like a woman is no guarantee that she's perfect (see my entries from January 2005 regarding "M"). She may be pretty and seem smart and kind, and there's no telling how we'd get along, BUT THAT'S NO REASON TO GIVE UP BEFORE EVEN TRYING.

Sheesh, why can't I have this kind of confidence when I'm working, and she's there?

This does lead me to a real decision. One that I genuinely want to follow through with: 2010 New Year's Resolutions. Everyone does it, no one sticks, and blah blah blah. All I know is that I prefer for things to begin cleanly, at the proper start of things or similar. January 1 is about as "at the beginning" as I can manage. I'm keeping them simple and broad, because otherwise I'll fail horribly, and become disheartened.

1. Ride my bicycle on a regular basis, preferably at least 2x a week, if not 3-4x.
2. Go to bed, and get up, at a regular time, even when I'm off, to ensure I get enough sleep.
3. Ignore Charles' food intake, and focus on mine. Adjust it to be healthier, and pass on Charles' dinner plans if they're not in line with my healthier food choices.
3a. Allow myself one night a week to just enjoy what-the-hell-ever I want, allowing for reasonable portions regardless.
3b. Invite Charles and Alicia to dinner if I've made enough, because I rarely follow through with my leftovers.
4. Get my financial situation corrected, and begin making plans on moving out in the next year or two.
5. Get my car in working order, starting with my freakin' driver's side door handle.
6. Quit worrying over what ifs, and just start asking folks. I'll never meet my soulmate if I never look.

That seems like a good place to start, especially since I was originally just going to post about the mystery lady. :)
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I just never use my LJ anymore. I'm far more likely to update my Facebook profile for a quick bit of info. The sad thing is that I like updating my journal, at least theoretically. Going back and reading old entries provides a real snapshot into what my life has been like since I joined the LJ community back in 2002.

Still, I've not really been posting. Of course, aside from some minor gripes with work, playing WoW, and just living day-to-day, things aren't really changing for me. I told myself I needed to eat better and begin exercising, because I am not getting any younger. That fell flat. I start that up at least 1-2 times a week, and invariably fail on the days that I work late or (less often) when I'm off. It's a matter of convenience for me. Do I get the veggies out of the fridge, prep them and make something to eat, or do I grab the bread, the cheese, and the hot dogs to make something that will fill me quickly? I suppose before I try to seriously make this happen, I should plan out what I'm going to eat, and make a point to go shopping for what's on my menu. Then, as much as it pains me, I'll need to get up and walk away from my computer. I've noticed a correlation between sitting at my computer and snacking all day long.

In other news, I'm finally tiring of WoW. The guild that I was in was not even trying to progress in endgame content. While we're not a raiding guild, hearing the guild leader say, "it's in the works (or that effect)," and yet never really do anything really sucks. We couldn't even get folks to go read the strats for the two things we DID attempt (Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum). Couple this with a decided lack of faith by my guild's leader regarding a real life friend and, well, that's that. I rejoined my old guild, Relief Beef, but I can't say that I'm going to pay to renew my subscription on Friday when it lapses.

I got back into LotRO again. What I like about it is that it's like WoW, but isn't so addictive that you can't stop and walk away. I'm on Meneldor with a group of people that the leader knows in real life. Unfortunately, I had lost the account info I used last April when I played, so I got to start all over. :-p I'm having fun with my Rune-Keeper, though.

Finally, I did my first 4e game in nearly 9 months last night. I *do* enjoy that system, for all that it's "not as good" as 3e or 2e. The guys I was playing with asked if we could continue the game on a semi-regular basis, for which I'm interested as well. The only catch? This time, we're gonna rotate the DM activities with the same group of characters, and I, at least, am going to do no overarching plot. Let's just get together, socialize, and kill stuff. :)

Anyway, I work late tonight and tomorrow night, but I'm off on Saturday. Short off day, true, but it's Saturday, and the roommates should be around, so hopefully we can get some stuff done around the homestead. (Though I gotta get a mask before I work outside again.. either the pollen count is worse this year, or my allergies are getting worse as I age.. Last weekend, I couldn't breathe at all.)

Follow me on Facebook, btw. Find my real name, and tell me who you are when you add me.

I know [livejournal.com profile] dragonpurr uses Twitter. Anyone else?
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While I *should* only be working another half day today, today is still the day that I have to put work clothes on again, and go to work. It's been a rather enjoyable few days. While I played WoW a lot, I made it a point to get up and do a few things around the house and shower first. I also tracked what I ate, and attempted to eat better on most days. Granted, the exercise bit didn't REALLY happen but, uh, baby steps. :)

See folks in a while. (Should be 10am, but I am mentally prepping myself for being stuck there till 3pm. Mainly in a "that way I'm happy when I see what I really work" way. :)
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Today was a change of pace, for sure.

I woke up, and began to immediately clean my room. Not just pick up things, but I dusted and wiped down and changed linens and did laundry. I guess part of me wanted to begin my vacation in a fresh, clean room. (That's not to say that my room is a wreck. Rather, I did a "pseudo-spring cleaning" on it.)

After I got things mostly done, [livejournal.com profile] capedory1181 and I went to the store, and stocked the house with food and stuff. I came back, grabbed a quick bite, and headed over to [livejournal.com profile] disker's mom's house, which is a little under half a mile from where I live. Since it wasn't really cold (yet), I grabbed my gloves, layered a couple of shirts and a pullover, and bicycled there. Yep, I got some exercise today. :)

There, we just talked a while, catching up about things. A decision was made to go back to [livejournal.com profile] disker's place, so I quickly rode home to drop off my bike. I am definitely happy I rode my bike today, though dang it was cold.

Once at [livejournal.com profile] disker's, we talked a bit, I got some new music, and we watched Rush Hour 3 (pretty fun, though not as good as 1 or 2). Talk afterward eventually got around to RPGs, and how D&D isn't as fun as it once was. We talked about what might have changed, and reminisced about old games and what was fun about them. Before I left, I'd come to the conclusion that I'd like to give a D&D game one last chance before I write it off to something I "used to do in my 20s". Geek mid-life crisis? I hope not. :)

So, I'm going to give some thought to a game. One thing that might be done differently is that we'd do 1-2 adventures, and either take a break or change games/DMs, instead of aiming for these epic-length campaigns that can't be finished in 2-3 years, let alone one. We'll see who is interested, and take it from there, I guess.

Four hours are all that stand between me and a week off from work. Huzzah!


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