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If you are reading this, then you are reading my LJ on its 10th birthday. It was on August 8, 2002 that I started using my journal for the first time. Back then, you had to use invite codes, and my buddy [livejournal.com profile] lordreaibn hooked me up, after being after me to get one for months. :)

In these past ten years, I've seen the rise and fall of LJ among my friends. I've seen the rise of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. I don't have a large amount of people on my friend's list here -- only about 60-something -- because most of the people I have on here, are folks that I know in real life. The thing that saddens me, however slightly, is that, of all my LJ friends, only two people who were friends back in August 2002 are still around in LJ-land: the aforementioned [livejournal.com profile] lordreaibn and the ever-reliable [livejournal.com profile] rockcandy76 (seriously, how do you manage to post DAILY!?).

When I started my journal, I posted frequently in it. I often posted twice daily, and my posts absolutely included a rundown of what my day/week had been like at work. I complained about my co-workers, my bosses, the tasks I was given, and the customers I served. My home life involved talking about playing in a variety of games, reading books, and maybe some non-computer social time.

In late 2004, I got involved in a bad relationship, and my world damn near fell apart. I learned what emotional pain really was, and I learned that I never want to allow myself to get into that position again.

2005 saw me get my first iPod, and it saw another milestone that was a precursor to decreased activity on LJ: I signed up for my World of Warcraft account. I've been subscribed to that game off and on (mostly on) for the last seven years. It's changed drastically in that time, and it was Tuesday, interestingly, that I realized I was actually done with it. While I played, though, my LJ suffered quite a bit.

In 2006, I moved into an apartment with [livejournal.com profile] strieson. Actually, it was around this time, too (in August). Wow, go figure. I first "moved" out of my parents' house in August 1997, and returned in November 2002. That's... 5 years and 3 months. However, given August 2006 for when I moved out with [livejournal.com profile] strieson, that means I've been out of my house longer this time than I was the last time. I'm only 3 years away from being gone as long as my first stint away from home AND my 4 year stint being back in the house with my folks. Oh, my.

2007 was just business as usual, though a hernia I'd refused to acknowledge began to get worse.

In 2008, [livejournal.com profile] strieson and I moved in with [livejournal.com profile] capedory1181, who'd just left his wife. My store of 11 years closed, and I found myself in a hostile environment. I stuck it out, though, and while I don't really thank the environment, I know it helped strengthen me. I also got my hernia taken care of, too.

Like 2003, 2009 was a quiet, float-through-the-year, go-through-the-motions time. I remember nothing notable about that year, aside from the backup CSM at my store getting busted down to Drug/GM, and then get arrested on theft charges.

With 2010, I began it by seeing Avatar. That changed my outlook on life (laugh if you want, but we never know from where that nudge to be greater will come). I began to exercise and eat better, and was doing a great job for a while. In June, my roommates lost their first child, and I discovered that my spiritual path went in a different direction than that of most of those I know. I got into a fairly-healthy relationship, and began to come into my own in a spiritual, emotional, and mental fashion.

2011 began my true independence. I moved out on my own in March. I got a new (to me) car in June. I exercised my spirituality more, since I had the room and privacy. Late last year, I was promoted to Customer Service Manager of a new store. That was quite a shock. :)

2012 has been more of a "go-through-the-motions" year, yet it also has been a "paradigm shifting" year, too. Things I took for granted, I learned worked differently. I've come to trust my judgment a lot more. I've begun writing, even if it is only to post more often on my LJ, or share something on my WordPress.

So, that's my last 10 years. It's a wild feeling to think that it was ten years ago that I was sitting in the computer room in Kevin's house, less than a month from my Saturn SL2 being repossessed, writing about the daily goings-on in my store on Riverdale. Interesting. October this year will also signify ten years since I first began to seriously look into my spirituality.

Well, I have work in the morning, and I halfway want to update my WordPress before I hit the hay, so I will wrap this up by saying...

...see you in another ten years!
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I got started on my car, and after fixing a seal, the axle went in smoothly. I rejoiced, for I was nearly done. I ran to AutoZone, got the cotter pin I needed, and came home and reassembled things. Then, I tested it out. It didn't make the noise when I was in reverse like before...

...until I hit the brakes. I tested my left turn with it, because that's when I first noticed a problem, and still heard the scraping noise. The old left axle was DEFINITELY bad, though, so I at least feel confident that I replaced something that NEEDED to be replaced.

I've finally eaten something, and I'm going to be going back outside momentarily to begin jacking up the car and removing the tire, etc. There are a few things different, but it's not that bad, and I have the basics down already. I just hope I'm done soon enough to be able to enjoy SOME of this day with my girl.

Wish me luck, I'm goin' in!!! *dives*

P.S. In other news, my first realm books came in today. Also, the Paxson book on runes is freakin' HUGE -- on par with one of the volumes of Our Troth. Browsing through them will have to wait for now, though. My car awaits.
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Yesterday, I woke in a funky mood. When I went to bed Saturday night, I'd dosed myself with a round of self-pity and no-one-likes-me, with a little I'm-not-good-enough for good measure, and it carried through till I woke. Frankly, I shouldn't be surprised. That was a classic Anthony pity-party.

I woke to a text from my girl, telling telling me good morning (something we do almost every day). However, I'd sent her an email the night before, telling her about some problems I was having trouble working through, so after the good mornings were exchanged, it got serious. We texted for about 30 minutes, at which time it was decided that I should get up, dress for work, and head over, so we could talk face-to-face. I'm glad I did.

In hindsight, talking about what was bugging me is just what I needed, and she did beautifully in listening to me, being patient with me, and giving me the love and support I needed. She really is something special. :)

After that, I went to work, where I learned we have two new U-Scan robots. I'd remembered [livejournal.com profile] marius_98 saying something briefly about it last week, before I shut down all talk of Kroger because I was on vacation. It actually worked out rather well, because we now were allowed another attendant down there. Also, the layout of the new U-Scan is a lot more friendly to the attendant standing in the middle to assist customers.

At any rate, I started my shift down there, and spent most of the first part of the day in a register. This worked out, because I needed the mindless work to get back in the swing of things. Ironically, I felt more... "with it" as far as making decisions and being okay with being the go-to second person on the front (since I last posted in January, the management and the CSM have changed, and I'm now the backup CSM). I must investigate this further...

I went to lunch at the cottage with [livejournal.com profile] marius_98 and [livejournal.com profile] una_con_laluna, enjoying the last little bit of Gremlins while I had my double quarter pounder with cheese. Being in that atmosphere, I was very relaxed and felt very safe and loved, and it helped center me and let me refocus for the second half of my shift.

The second half went smoothly. Even though it was the end of the month, as you'd expect on Hallowe'en, the only traffic we had was from folks buying candy. One guy even said he ne'er ate sugar, so the last kid of the night was going to get the rest of what he had in the bowl. OMG, I would've thought I'd hit the motherlode if that happened to me. #fatkid, indeed. :)

Coming home, I cleaned out the Jeep (which I'd been driving while my car was out of commission), because I figured Charles would be driving it this morning. I cleaned the kitchen, made dinner, and tooled around on WoW for a little bit. When they say things have changed, they're not kidding. I spent the whole time figuring out what I was looking at. It was kinda fun, exciting, AND frustrating all at once. :)

I crashed out around 2-230, and slept till I woke up at 630 this morning, when I decided that I should stay up so that I can get my car fixed. I will sleep a lot better knowing my car is driveable again.

So that's my Hallowe'en, or Samhain to some of my friends. Heh, or "Sunday" to still others. :) I'm gonna finish my coffee (Ugly Mug's Good Vibes, with some Carnation French Vanilla creamer and sugar), and see about conquering my car. See everyone later!

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I am posting again, because I told [livejournal.com profile] tannenwynn I would, though I don't have the heart for much.

The biggest news is that my vacation is over. I work Sunday from 2p-11p. I would have liked to have had at least tomorrow off, but hey, them's the breaks.

Secondly, while the part for my car to get it running right again should be an easy fix, Charles and I spent two hours outside trying to pull it out. I cut my hands up, got ridiculously filthy, and didn't even get the part out, so my car is still undriveable. This has seriously impacted my good mood. Enough so that I voiced a concern with someone in E-mail, when I might normally have said nothing. I can only hope that things turn out like they're supposed to.

In other news, though, I reactivated my WoW account. I don't really want to run endgame, and I don't want to spend all my time playing, but the story changes coming up in the expansion, Cataclysm, are too intriguing for me to ignore. Because of all the changes that have been applies in patch 4.0.1, it already feels like a new game, which is interesting in itself.

Now, I'm going to sleep. Perhaps tomorrow will bring me some peace, at least until I have to go in to work.
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The last few days have been relatively uneventful, over all.

Monday, I had lunch at El Porton with [livejournal.com profile] dragonpurr and her charges: her son, and another rug rat who she watches during the day. It was fun to catch up with her.

I came home that day, and decided to clean my car. Now, I admit that I didn't wash it, though I hit the inside with a vacuum cleaner, Formula 409, Windex, Tuff Stuff Spot Remover, and brushes and rags. It took me around two hours, during which time I ran through a substantial bit of my "Metal Overload" playlist, got to see the gorgeous neighbor walking her dog, and sweated a great deal. I grabbed a sponge and the hose, though, because I realized I had neglected my poor car long enough that the top was covered in slowly oxidizing dirt. Fortunately, it didn't eat into the finish, though I have to be vigilant against that happening again.

I cleaned up and did a little grocery shopping at the Neighborhood Market around the corner from my house. I spent the whole time listening to my iPod, which was a lot of fun, and reminded me of the days when I was a teenager, shopping with my dad. I would have my cassette walkman on, and would push the basket around the store, while my dad chose what went into it, more or less. But I digress.. I felt rather accomplished, because I also came home, cooked a simple Hamburger Helper dinner, but actually made some corn to go with it, and managed portion control decently (though not as good as I know I should/could).

On Tuesday, I did the same sort of thing, but for my room. I've been good about cleaning things around the house, but my poor room suffered greatly. That morning, though, I assaulted it with Febreze, Windex, Formula 409, a vacuum cleaner, and rags. I cleaned the tops of picture frames, dusted under my monitor and printer, made my bed, and generally scrubbed the room until it shone.

Then, that afternoon, I had a pleasant surprise in that April, Charles' girlfriend, was off work early. She picked me up, we had a small pseudo-lunch of appetizers at O'Charley's, checked out a metaphysical shop here in Bartlett, and just talked a bit. For some reason, I'm comfortable around her, and am able to confide in her some of my problems/fears (I'm sure it helps that, despite dating Charles, she's not actually part of the household, so there's a certain detachment). We met up with Charles around 7pm, had dinner at Logan's, and called it a night.

The subject came up -- and I am inclined to agree -- that I need to go on more "real" vacations when I get vacation time off from work. I can count on my thumbs how many times I've done something with my vacations in the last 8 years. Of course, I'm giving that a shot this weekend, when Charles and I are going to go to some land he and friends have in Corinth. There, I will be learning to shoot, ride a 4 wheeler (ATV), hike trails, stargaze (despite the full moon), and even testing my bicycle's off road capabilities. It's only from Friday evening till late Saturday, but it seems like it could be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to getting away from the humdrum of everyday life, even if it's only for a day.

Work today was rough, because the morning checker called in. However, things went VERY smoothly. I decided that I wasn't going to get bent out of shape, just because I couldn't start working in accounting first thing like I'm supposed to do. I knew it'd get done today, I knew I wasn't at fault for its delay, and I knew someone was coming in who'd help me get done, so I pushed it out of my mind. I honestly think that I actually managed not to worry about things that were out of my control. Oh, it may seem like an easy thing for some of you, but I cannot function unless things are going as planned, and I worry about everything. I feel like I'm making progress. :) I came home, decided I was tired, and took a nice little nap -- that turned into a three hour mega-nap. Thankfully, I don't work until 10am tomorrow (Thursday), so I have time to sleep once I do lay down.

Now, to explain the title of this post. My phone is about three years old, and I've not had to change the battery in all that time. It runs quite well, considering it's probably past its last leg. :) Today, the battery had run out of juice, so I cut it off while I slept. I stuck it on the cable on my computer to charge it when I woke up later, and found the message "Unable to Charge" on the display. This worried me, because I know that the battery has got to reach the point it won't hold a charge at all, and I am not really ready for it to be now. However, I took the battery out, cleaned off the contacts, and put it back on, and it booted up properly (though still lacking in charge). Thankfully, once it reached this state, I was able to get it to start charging off the USB cable. Seems like a phone battery -- if not a full upgrade -- is in my future.

Time for bed, folks. Have a good night.
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