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Birthdate:Jan 7, 1976
Location:Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America
What exactly can you expect to learn about me from this little bio? What can you hope to learn about me by reading my journal? Well, scratch beneath the surface, and see how I tick...

In real life, I am rather introverted, but only while I'm uncomfortable. Around my longtime friends, I joke around like most people. I enjoy reading and music, but I no longer think of them as defining qualities. My ability to laugh, my empathetic nature, and my desire to help people define me far better, I think.

I am overweight, but large-framed anyway, so it "hides" better than if I was 4 inches shorter. I seek to alter my eating habits, because I would like to eat healthier, though I don't like the word "diet". I would also rather eat healthy and be overweight, than seesaw back and forth. *shrug* Obviously, I still have some work in that area.

I enjoy humor for its own sake, and consider it just about the best remedy to just about everything. As a result, I tend to make jokes, even if they're stupid. :)

I work in a grocery store as a customer service rep/time & attendance clerk. I hate it, and I'm going to seek another job that I qualify for, before too much more time goes by. My skills would technically make me capable of a job at a bank, and that would be a nice balance between "decent job" and "working with people because I enjoy it, even though I dislike people".

I drive a gold/peeling paint 1993 Toyota Camry, that is in need of some minor repair work, but gets me from home to work and back in one piece. It's not harsh on gas, either, which has become a major plus. I tell you, though: If gas gets much more expensive, and I'm still working in retail grocery, I'm transferring to be closest to my house, even if I have to bag groceries. :)

I am very resistant to change, but I am very much an impulsive person. I can hold an opinion forever if I choose, but I can talk myself into buying an extra book at Bookstar without too much work. I am trying to find a happy medium.

It takes me a while to warm to someone, but once I have, I look at them as a friend (regardless of the level to which someone's a friend, they're still all friends). It normally takes something rather significant to cause me to swear a friend off, because I can forgive just about anything. It's because I can usually see both sides of an issue.

I don't put everything that runs around in my mind into my journal. Rather, I don't post every entry publically. I use filters to tweak who can see what. Some of the things I think of or believe might rub others the wrong way, and I'd rather just not show it to those, than estrange a friend. These kinds of posts are rare, though.

If you wish to learn anything more about me, just add me. Chances are, I'll add you back.

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