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...or it makes for quite a lot of things to post!

Since my last post, it feels like a lot has happened.

First, I learned that one of the managers at my store thinks I don't have any people skills. Now, this may be true1, given that my patience has become more and more strained as time has gone by and I've not had any break from that job. Thus, when a clerk approaches me about how she is missing a vacation day, but hollers that she knows she was right when I try to explain what I found, I will lose my temper. I task myself with not losing my temper with customers, but I don't have quite as much success with associates.

Sometimes, it's not even directed at someone. I learned today that SCO is kept open till midnight, despite us closing at 11pm. I nearly lost my head, because it's something that should have been addressed. The checker who mentioned it thought I was angry with her, and so refused to stay over when the supervisor asked her today2. I know I am not the most centered individual, and that sometimes I really lose my temper, but I wouldn't expect that that would disqualify me for having "people skills". Oh yeah, telling someone with anxiety issues, who is stressed out from never getting away from the job, that they have no people skills is just going to fucking exacerbate the issue. The evening supervisor may not have thought about it before sharing, but it sucked all the same.

Another fun detail I learned today at work has to do with our cash deliveries. You see, we have to order our change now, instead of getting a standing order from the bank. Unfortunately, no one else has even bothered to even learn how it's done, much less place an order. As a result, we won't be able to get anything in until Wednesday. I made the morning accounting clerk order change, so I knew she knew what was expected. I told her, "I don't care if you ever fill another coin changer; I don't care if you have to leave paperwork strewn around accounting, you have to get change ordered."

That's when I was hit with her telling me that she has talked to all of her old managers, and wants to transfer. Oh, sure, that has to get approval from OUR store manager, but still, it means that she's already planning on leaving. I've also heard of two Guest Care clerks thinking about putting in notice, too, and we are down 5-7 cashiers and 4-6 baggers from where we were only six weeks ago.

Is it any wonder why I may not be the most approachable, the friendliest, person? I have said it before, and I'll say it again: LET ME HAVE A WEEK OFF, AND I GUARANTEE IMPROVEMENTS. I need rest, fuckers.

That brings me to some good news. I'm less than 60 hours from being on my way to New York, by way of Detroit. I can't wait. My brother told me his daughter's friend will be joining us, so I get to craft an item based on "The Vampire Diaries" for her3. I'm kinda excited about how this is turning out. I just need to make their characters, so I can print them out and have them ready for the trip. (IDEA! I can make them, and then level them, and have PDFs of each level (from 1-4, maybe?), so when they level, we can discuss how to do it, but I can hand over the new sheets so they're ready to continue the action!)

While I'm there, though, I have decided that I am very seriously going to see what the grocery store market it like, and not rule out moving up there. I don't know if I really want to move, but I know that is probably the homebody person who dislikes change. The cost of living may be too much for me to manage it anyway, you know? Since I'll be up there, though, it wouldn't hurt to explore my options. I've heard some unsavory rumors about Kroger (that I won't repeat here, filter or not), and weighing my possibilities may just be sensible.

Now, something simultaneously sobering and joyous and confusing and heartbreaking and, and..

Back at the beginning of March, my best friend, Kevin, passed away, and I make no bones about the fact that his passing really fucked me up. I loved that man, and I finally have begun to understand what it means to never be over someone's death, to only be able to cope.4 Well, his widow invited me over to pick out things that I'd want of his as keepsakes. I met her and her family for lunch, and we went to the house.

She fucking gave me his entire RPG collection. From his oldest 1e books (including a Moldovay Beginner Set with Keep on the Borderlands in it), to his nearly-complete run of Hackmaster 4e (the first version in print, if you aren't familiar with the game made famous by Knights of the Dinner Table), to his collected notes for games he's run in the past, I got it all. It's easily four feet tall, and also includes such notable things as the Dragonlance Krynn trail map and the second edition of Talisman. Additionally, she gave me a chunk of his paperbacks and hardbacks.

I now own the very 1e books that we used when he ran me on my first game as an elven ranger (long before I heard of Drizzt, dammit), his Collector's Editions of Chronicles and Legends, his original copies of the Dark Elf Trilogy and Icewind Dale Trilogy (Streams of Silver doesn't even say it's part of a series!), and even the very copies of Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Mona Lisa Overdrive that turned me onto cyberpunk in the first place! I can't explain it, but though I couldn't think of what she might've intended me to get, this is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Every time I look at my bookshelves, I will remember him.

Hell! Did you know that, going through his notes, I found a fucking map that *I* had drawn and labelled, ostensibly for him? I didn't even know that fucking map existed!!! Then there's the original winding underground passages where my human fighter was led blindly through, because I didn't have a torch? I damn near broke down then, seeing that.

I've since thought about his dice, but you know what? I don't know if I could. I doubt I'd ever want to roll them, or even touch them. He was always so protective of them. I remember when his family was moving from Frayser to Munford, and his dicebag upended in his room. "GET OUT!" he bellowed, and insisted we stay away while he picked up his dice. I credit him to this day for my own superstition regarding dice. I'll give him points, though, for assembling some absolutely gorgeous sets.

Dammit, Kevin. It looks like I'll never be free of you. *raises glass in a toast* Hail and farewell, brother!

1 - "..from a certain point of view," said Obi-Wan Kenobi. :)
2 - Which is yet another reason why I feel like a fucking failure today. We could *really* have used her help.
3 - In the show, there is a candle called the "Hand of Glory", which lets you walk between worlds, to "TL;DR" it. Hers will be an amulet that she can use twice a day to use that "doorway" to teleport up to 50 feet away. Did I mention, btw, that she will be a rogue? :)
4 - What does that say about those who have gone before? (Grandmother, Granddaddy, Grandma, Paw-Paw, Pop Dunn, Mom Dunn, Uncle Jimmy) I love them all, but I guess Kevin's different, in that he was my first peer.


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